Google Plus will be deleted this month

Google Plus will be deleted this month

Google Plus will be deleted this month

Bad news for Google Plus Users. You see, on April 2, 2019, Google immediately blocked Google Plus services.

The news about the closure of this social networking service has indeed been blowing since last year. Come faster, Google plans to block all Google Plus accounts in April 2019.

Right on that date, all accounts will be blocked and the uploaded content will be deleted. Get ready and save all the portraits and videos that you have archived on this Google page.

In order not to suddenly surprise its users, on February 4, 2019, Google will stop creating new accounts, new pages, communities until the event on Google Plus.

Later, you will not be able to access the buttons that are used to sign this on mobile or site software. However, users can still sign in using a Google account.

If you want to save all your data, go directly through the Google account to access Google Plus, right?

The reason Google blocked Google Plus services began with the discovery of a bug at the end of 2018. The bug successfully exposes 500,000 individual user data.

Google Plus will be deleted this month

There is already an attempt by Google to handle the bug, after being handled, a new bug is again present in the software program interface (API) which is then very risky for the comfort of 52.5 million user data.

Unfortunately, this annoying bug has been on the website from 2015 to 2018.

Another reason is that Google Plus is not able to compete with other social networks like Facebook.

If before, Google plans to block Google Plus in August 2019, this closing plan will be accelerated in the upcoming April 2019.

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